Project discontinued


Today, June 19, 2014 I decided to discontinue this project. Replacing Windows or Mac OSX with a partially non-free GNU/Linux distribution is a huge step forward on the path to freedom but is not the best choise.

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to go ( at least for me ) is to switch to a completely free GNU/Linux distribution, a distribution that doesn't includes any non free software and I hope every user will do so. Partially free is not an option.

A free society, where people have rights and private life cannot be built without freedom.

For this reasons I've decided to promote only free software ( free as in free speech, not free beer ) from now on. Last year I've started a new project called GNUVideo.RO, a project aligned to the philosophy of free software and I want to allocate all the resources to develop it and do my best to help the movement.

At this moment my new project doesn't have an English version but I'm working on translating it. The English version will be available soon at the following address :

The tutorials I've made for will still be available on my YouTube channel. The installation tutorials will be available here as well. Access the following links to watch it :

The installation guides ( pdf documents ) are available as well. Download them for free.

Well that's about it. Hope you'll understand and follow my new project.

*partially non-free GNU/Linux distribution : a GNU/Linux distribution that includes non free parts in the kernel ( non free drivers and non free firmware ) and in the operating system itself ( software like Adobe Flash, Skype etc. ).